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Chyulu Hills National Park

15 March 2016 by Southern Circuit 15362 Views
The Chyulu Hills National Park is effectively an extension of Western Tsavo. The area is wild and remote with very few visitors and few Masai villages. With the backdrop of the Chyulu Hills and views out towards Kilimanjaro, the landscape is impressive. Although this is not a big game destination, the wilderness on display here is rewarding. 
Chyulu has a sparse population of game but lion, giraffe, zebra and elephant roam undisturbed throughout the long mountain range of the Chyulu Hills.  This is a wilderness where one can spend days without seeing a soul.  Not for first timers who want to see lots of big game, Chyulu works best for old safari hands who want a wilderness experience, in combination with another park richer in game such as the Masai Mara or Amboseli.

Chyulu: where to stay

Chyulu only has two lodges, both of which epitomise the spirit of the park. Nestled in the foothills of the Chyulu Hills overlooking a watering hole often frequented by elephant, Richard Bonham’s stunning Ol Donyo Wuas guarantees big game viewing. Campi Ya Kanzi is a more economical option that caters mostly to an Italian market.
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