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Lake Turkana Accomodation

19 August 2016 by Great Rift Valley 7278 Views

On the southern slopes of sacred Mount Nyiru, sheltered by a spring-fed forest, Desert Rose Lodge looks out over the semi-arid northern wilderness. Offering just five cottages and accommodating a total of 12 guests, desert Rose is a remote bush home, which is both eco-friendly and culturally integrated with the local Samburu people.

The main lounge and pool area have been hand crafted to blend with the indigenous gardens, landscaped to enhance the dramatic views and all the power is solar generated.

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The five houses accommodating up to twelve people are individually designed around various natural features. Each suite has its own private flush toilet and open air en-suite bathroom.

Dining and bars
The camp serves entirely home-cooked and home-grown produce. There is also a fully stocked bar.

What to do and see
The stunning landscape and interesting vegetation provides great inspiration on a variety of our abundant walks. Game in the area is shy and scattered.

Baboon and leopard are often heard close-by in the granite rock cliffs and the fig trees that abound with bird life. In very close proximity to the lodge we have a exciting natural rock slide and a perfect picnic site, a fun spot to spend the midday hours. There are a multitude of walks one can take from the lodge in the dry rugged country on the valley floor or high in the Cedar and Podo forest.

After more than a decade of close cooperation with the local Samburu community, Desert Rose has become not only an integral part of local life but a lifeline for its pastoralist neighbours. As well as employing 30 local people, Desert Rose has built a small primary school and a vital medical clinic. The depth of their bond with the community means that Desert Rose guests are always invited to local celebrations from circumcisions to colourful wedding parties, granting the guest a rare insight into Samburu life.

There are also journeys by road, either north to Lake Turkana for fishing and an adventure into this rugged part of the world or towards the Ndoto Mountains for some wild rock climbing.

Camel safaris
WOOD WORKSHOP, take your experience home with you.
Desert Rose has a small wood workshop where we offer the opportunity for our guests to create their own piece of furniture. Instructed by our local craftsmen and using fallen wood from the nearby forest. You can make anything from a simple keyring to a rocking chair to take home with you.

Fishing on Lake Turkana
One hundred kilometers north of Desert Rose a mere five hours drive, The jade sea or Lake Turkana as it is now known lies like a jewel in the craggy heat of the Saguta Valley, its northern windswept shores holding testimony to prehistoric life.

On the south eastern shores of the lake, is a small house boat, accommodating up to four people, with an excellently equipped fishing boat available for the serious to go for the Nile perch, and winds permitting, some excellent sport.

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